There's no place like your home.









A Dozen Ways to
Make Your Home Show Better

       Oz Realtors® suggests you give good consideration to these showing tips:

  1. Start with the outside. Mow the law, prune bushes, remove dead branches and get rid of outdoor furniture you don't intend to move.
  2. Paint the front door and lintels, or at least clean them up.
  3. Check for leaks. A drip may not seem important, but does it suggest poor maintenance in places which can't be seen? Eliminate buyer worries and fix the little items which may be seen as clues relating to the general condition of the home.
  4. Clean out closets and storage areas! Donate old clothes and furniture to local charities. This will create a sense of greater space—and mean less to move.
  5. Have a professional service clean carpets. This is especially important if the carpets are to stay.
  6. Caulk around tubs and sinks. New caulk invariably looks better than old caulk, and you'll also prevent leaks.
  7. Replace bulbs that don't work and use as much wattage as is appropriate for each fixture. Bright lights make homes seem, well, light and airy.
  8. Have a lot of books and magazines that you don't want? See if you can donate to a local library, hospital or charity. You'll get both more space and a write-off.
  9. Remove all personal photos as well as ethnic art and artifacts. Such items tend to make prospective Buyers view the home as still your home, rather than theirs.
  10. Clean out medicine cabinets. Remove out-of-date items. Also, if you have prescription medicines, consider removing them when buyers visit.
  11. People have both allergies and concerns when it comes to animals. If you have a pet, make arrangements to have it elsewhere when a home is being shown.
  12. Homes in a given location and price range battle for a common pool of buyers. Ask your broker to examine the property for specific showing tips to make your home more competitive.

       Simply, try to get your home to show like a model home -- like one you would want to see if you were looking to buy.

       Oz Realtors® knows that there's no place like your home. However, when you are selling your home, you must make it look like a home that Buyers will immediately see as their home.

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