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       As you might expect -- particularly in this region, many homes that are listed for sale will receive several offers.

       Typically, Sellers receive written offers through their listing broker, who reviews the offers and related financial information with the Seller, showing the net proceeds of the different offers.

       Although the net proceeds to the seller is a very important factor in the seller's decision about which offer to accept, counter or reject, there is one defining document that puts one offer above all others  --  the one with a good pre-approval letter from a recognized lender.

       If not pre-approved, a home buyers in the Maryland area must present at least a pre-qualifying letter from a recognized lender.

       In order to make your written offer to buy a property as attractive as possible, the lender's letter should accompany the offer.

       To try to buy a home in the Maryland without at least a written pre-qualifying letter, is to:

  • lose to another buyer,
  • delay the process and permit other offers to be presented or
  • not have the offer considered.

        Oz Realtors® will gladly refer you to a local lender who will prepare a written pre-qualifying letter, following a credit review, verification of income to qualify and verification of money to close.

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